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Dubai is renowned for its innovative and stylistic approach to building design, with visitors coming from all over the world to marvel at its stunning villas and commercial developments. Here we take a look at some of the best interior design companies in Dubai.
We are a multi-award-winning interior design company in Dubai and all over the Uae, and the focus behind some of the incredible spaces across the two continents, with a focus on hospitality, F&B and retailas well as the corporate sector.
We stand for surpassing business as usual. We are multi-disciplinary problem solvers who enrich our clients with dynamic workplace environments. Empowering people and businesses to innovate and perform at their best, we delve into every aspect of a business’s DNA to deliver collaborative spaces that work for everyone.
Armstrong Interiors is one of the leading interior design companies in Dubai. We are renowned for our commitment to service and quality. We work with award-winning architects and design professionals who help us to create innovative, high-quality spaces that meet our clients’ needs, dreams and budgets.
Armstrong Interior Design Company does Hospitality and Leisure design, with a focus on restaurants and bars. We have years of experience in creating unique hospitality designs – whether you are a new business or an existing restaurant we can help make your space stand out from the crowd. We offer a simple service,
Social infrastructure includes schools, healthcare facilities, public transportation systems and other facilities that help shape communities. This interior design project is focused on enhancing the physical environment of hospitals, doctor’s offices, schools, libraries and other social infrastructure buildings to make them more user-friendly.
Transforming your house into a home is not just about architecture, it is about creating the space, material and furniture to make your dream home come true. it is our vision to create an exquisite environment that meets the aesthetic sophistication of our clients. our services include interior design, master planning and architectural design.

Our Services

Interior Design

Home is where the heart is. And at Armstrong Interior Design, we create inspiration for your home, complete with a luxury lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a traditional or modern minimalistic design, we will find the style for your interior. The architects and designers at Armstrong bring their many years of experience to every project: from villas, beach houses to urban apartments, penthouses, luxury hotels, bars and restaurants. We want to make every place personal and unique – exactly as it should be. We are happy to take responsibility for the entire interior.

Architecture Design

Our customers welcome us as an experienced, trustworthy and professional partner in their projects. The Interior Architecture Design is a detailed service that allows you to turn your dreams into reality and create beautiful and functional spaces that invite you to relax.
Trust us for your interior Architecture Design. A villa, apartment or beach house is a perfect place to start with your future home and give you a detailed plan on how it should look like and what should be there. We also offer our services on public buildings and commercial locations such as hotels, boutiques, offices etc. We have years of experience in many different fields of this business and always promise high quality results.

Project Management

Our interior design project management experts will take your vision and turn it into a reality. We help you get a solid understanding of the practical realities of putting together a project team and work flow to ensure that all design decisions are realistic with respect to budget and time, manage the selection process for contractors, suppliers and other partners, set realistic expectations with the client throughout the process, manage the delivery schedule to ensure deadlines are met or renegotiate if necessary. We bring value beyond simply managing money by facilitating communication between everyone involved in the project so everyone is aligned on their expectations and responsibilities.

Master planning

Interior design Project master planning is the systematic, comprehensive and holistic approach to planning and organizing a project from conceptualisation to completion. Master planning is the process of conducting a detailed investigation into the client’s requirements, resources available and deadlines prior to commencing work on any new project. We believe in exceeding our client’s expectations through an effective and cooperative design process.


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